Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   You advertise free consultation, what does that mean?

A.    We will meet with you at your convenience to hear your thoughts and ideas about your project. In addition, we will offer advice on how best to pursue your project.

Q.   Why do you charge a design fee?

A.    The bottom line is that time is money. The time it takes for us to complete a series of drawings that include the measurements of your project as well as design layouts must be accounted for. However when we are finished you are able to see a three dimensional rendering of your project as well as tangible drawings that help make your project a reality.

Q.    Will you give me a ballpark figure on how much it will cost?

A.   Each job we complete is unique and custom. It’s impossible to approximate costs until materials are chosen, specifications are complete and labor is included. However, we are careful to offer options based on your budget needs. 

Q.    What happens once we agree on the drawings?

A.   When you are satisfied with your project plans and have decided on materials, we will work up a proposal estimating the cost. Should you choose to accept the proposal then the design fee is subtracted from the overall cost.








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